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The ENT and Head and Neck Surgery Unit of the Baruch Padeh Medical Center, Poriya, was established in 1985.

The ENT and Head and Neck Surgery Unit performs thyroid gland and salivary gland operations, removes head and neck tumors, performs skin restorations, endoscopic nasal cavity operations, cosmetic nasal operations, ear operations, including: mastoidectomy, timpanoplasty and laser-operated septectomy. 

Endoscopic lacrimal sac operations, laser and RF nasal cavity operations, tonsil and third tonsil operations, partial and complete laryngectomy, microscope-assisted vocal cord tumor removal, tracheotomy and foreign body removal from the respiratory and digestive systems. 

For the last 14 years, laser-operated surgery has been carried out for reducing nasal conchae, treating hearing impairments induced by autosclerosis - calcification of auditory bones), auditory bone replacements. 

The use of laser enables the surgeon to almost avoid any contact with the middle ear's delicate structures, and thus to substantially reduce the number of complications. 

In addition, the Unit performs endoscopic operations on nasal cavities, lacrimal canals, congenital defects in babies (choanal atresia), removal of third tonsils and tonsils using the innovative XPS device - which uses rotating knives. In recent years, neck surgeries, and especially thyroid surgeries, are carried out using an ultrasonic device (harmonic scalpel) - which uses radio waves, and enables the surgeon to conduct their operation almost without any bleeding and without tying any blood vessels. 

The Unit has a lot of experience in treating hearing impairments caused by the aberrant mobility of the auditory bone (stapes) due to autosclerosis, using a laser device. The uniqueness of using a laser for such operations is manifested in the fact that the surgeon almost completely avoids any contact with the delicate structures inside the middle ear, which substantially reduces the chance for complications and also shortens the duration of the operation.

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