Construction Needs

DEVELOPMENT PLANS - Constructing Projects

Central Clinical Laboratories
There is a vital need of establishing a new building to house all the Clinical Laboratories, equipment and modern methods of technology in this field. The new building we are seeking will be able to provide creative and advanced methods that will lead the laboratories to standards required to integrate as academic labs with training activities that will be an integral component for the Medical School that will be
established in the Galilee

Geriatrics Rehabilitation Department
The department's main objective is to address the rehabilitation needs of the senior citizens residing in Northern Israel who require hospitalization

The department is located in an old and inappropriate facility with room for 18 beds. This enables us to address only a fraction of the senior citizens' needs in the North. There is an urgent need to build a new facility and to increase the number of hospitalization beds and to expanding the services already available today to meet the up and growing demands of the surrounding region

Imaging Department
Taking in consideration the new location of the New Emergency Department and the destruction of the existing department, there will be a need to relocate the Imaging Department to a new location that will be more spacious to meet existing demands near the New Emergency Department. We plan on renovating the old Emergency Room in order to expand the Imaging Department to enable us to acquire and hold new imaging equipment to meet the demands of this era

Ambulatory Services Division - Outpatient Clinics
As a result of the growing demand of the developing Ambulatory and other new services given in the Outpatient Clinics there is a need to expand and renovate the existing building to include the Gastroenterology , Ophthalmology, E.N.T. Institutes, an Operating Room and Main Recovery Room that will enable to raise the level of care given to patients that have just over gone surgery and or anesthesia

Operating Theaters

Currently, in the Operating Theaters the demand exceeds the availability, causing a long wait for necessary surgeries that have a high demand on a regular bases. The expansion of this type of service will result in enabling more surgeries and more types of surgeries to be performed regularly


New Intensive Care Unit

The existing unit is small (4 beds), crowded and can't provide the up and growing medical attention required. In order to meet the existing needs of the department there is a need to construct a unit that will
consist of 8 beds including one isolation bed

All of these projects have matching opportunities
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